What is the Charity Program?

Since 2000 Padova Marathon supports local charities operating in Italy and abroad. Through our 22 editions we have helped tens of charities raising funds and awareness around their programs.

From the 2016 edition Padova Marathon partners with Rede del Dono for its Charity Program.

The Charity Program gives marathon and half marathon participants the possibility to combine the sport challenge with a charitable purpose, by running and raising funds for a good cause.

Running for charity is very easy: at the moment of registration you can chose which charity you wish to run for (amongst the charity listed in this page). By becoming Ambassador for a charity you can help them raising funds for the solidarity program they are supporting. And there is more: if you raise 200 Euro or more you will receive a free registration for the event!

To have further information about the Padova Marathon Charity Program and to know the full list of the available charities please contact staff@retedeldono.it


By running for a charity you can make the difference to the lives of those in need and also have the opportunity to register for the marathon or half marathon for free! As well as raising money to support charitable projects, running for a charity also give you even more motivation by serving as a goal to work towards .

Running for a charity is very easy:

  • Check out the list of the available charities and the programs they are raising funds for;
  • Choose which charity you want to run for and get it touch with it (through the link to their website or program);
  • Donate to your chosen charity and become a Personal Fundraiser, by asking your family and friends to sponsor you!