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Due to the emergency COVID-19 the Padova Marathon, originally planned for April 19h, has to be postponed

President Leopoldo Destro states: «Necessary decision to protect all participants’ health. We’ll meet after summer to promote a restart of our region»

(Padua 20.03.20) There comes a moment when it’s necessary to stop to be able to restart afterwards with more energy.

That’s the moment. The 21stedition of the Padova Marathon changes date, fully aware that health is the most precious asset and it must be safeguarded. The race is therefore postponed to Sunday, September 20th 2020.

«Run is joy, passion, enthusiasm. Today it cannot be like that.

In the very moment when our Veneto region is experiencing one of the most terrible moments of its recent history, we want to give a significant sign, with a difficult but necessary choice», underlines Leopoldo Destro, President of Assindustria Sport, the event’s organizer.

«We have tried to hold on, by hoping that the emergency could be overcome in short term.

But once we have realized then that this was no longer possible, we have immediately begun to work on a new date, in contact and in accordance with the local authorities of the towns involved by the race course (Padova, Rubano, Selvazzano Dentro, Teolo, Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme, this latter one for the half marathon), and with the Padua Municipality, Veneto region and FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation).

New date identified on September 20th, 2020.

Never indeed, we have meant to cancel the race and this because we firmly believe that the sport can have an essential role for a restart».

«It will be Padua’s rebirth, as well as the rebirth of our amazing surrounding territory.

A hurt territory, that wants to stand up againyet, also thanks to the marathon.

That’s why we won’t change anything of the recipe which has enabled Padova Marathon’s growth throughout these years:

We will confirm the 42k full race, the 21k half marathon as well as the Family Races that find their heart in Prato della Valle.

Also we confirm right away our desire to engage many non-profit organizations that have decided to combine the sport competition with a solidarity challenge.

At the same time we confirm our aim of feeding the agonistic event with a full program of initiatives of art, history, music and environment purposes.

Because Padova Marathon is all this, an occasion to relaunch a tourism that at present has suffered a pretty big hit».

«We are well aware that a decision like takes to inevitable inconveniences for all runners, especially for those already registered, whose participation will be automatically moved to the 20th September.

We trust that everybody will understand the reasons that have led us in a such difficult moment like this. We promise to everyone a bigger engagement in order to spread that joy, that today has had to beunfortunately blocked.

The motto of the 21st edition of PDM is “All runners are winners”: a statement that we still want to support as never before, in order to promote the new date.

Because with the realization of the Padova Marathon 2020 we all want to be winners, everyone in his own way.

Together we’ll restart stronger. Ready to meet again with a huge hug and a big smile in Prato della Valle on Sunday September 20th 2020».