Sunday September 20th: it's Stracittadine Virtual edition day

A few months ago we fixed our next appointment in Prato della Valle on September 20th, with the hope of being able to celebrate then the end of a tragic period and to run again all together.

Unfortunately due to the effects of the ongoing Covid19pandemic, the current local regulations still don’t allow the performance of the Padova Marathon in the way we are used to know and live it.

Therefore, with deep regret, we have been obliged to postpone it until the next year.

The new date, already confirmed, is April 18th, 2021.

But we don’t mean to leave you alone:

For Sunday, 20th September we have organized the “Stracittadine Virtual Edition”, a virtual non-competitive race on 4 possible different distances (5 – 10 – 15 – 20 km) where you can run free, wherever you wish. From 00.01 to 23.59 the same day, a 24-h race with charity purpose, because part of the profits will be donated to Padova’s Voluntary ServicesCenter and to the NPOs of our Charity Program.

There are 3 options to register and participate:

•buy your bib and T-Shirt in the Alì & Aliper shops (only for people living in Padova) - cost: 5 €

•Online, at the following link (only for people NOT living in Padova)The cost is 5€for registering + 5 € shipment fee to receive your bib and t-shirt at home!

•with the NGOs linked to Charity Program NGOs linked to Charity Program of the Padova Marathon (through donation on Rete del Dono web page)

It is possible to register until 12 am on September 20th

Once purchased the bib, please register on the Endu page at the following link : only in this way you can receive the participation certificate and run for the prize draw that will take place some days after the event.

On the bib there is an alphamerical code linked to a local primary schools’ competition.

You just need to enter that code at the beginning of the online registration procedure to complete your registration without any additional fee.

People who register online are automatically included in the prize draw.


The T-shirts and bibs have the “wrong” date 19th April 2020 on it.

Play with us and change it: have fun and unleash your creativity in making your tshirt unique!

Tell us your experience and share it within our social community with the hashtag #stracittadinevirtualedition #strasbagliata.