News Archivio September 2020

The protracted situation of health uncertainty has led Assindutria Sport to change the formula of the event: confirmed the Abano Terme – Padova Half Marathon and a 10km competitive race (and in addition a 5km non-competitive if conditions will allow it). The 42km race will be back in 2022.

The Padova Marathon in this anomalous 2021 will change formula, leaving the place to the half marathon, to a competitive road race of 10km and, if conditions allow, even to a 5km non-competitive race. The appointment is confirmed for Sunday, September 26th, a day that today take on a huge significance for the city and its territory, because it will be the one in which Padua will return to run. With the 42km race, however, we will meet again in 2022.

«The protracted situation of health uncertainty that has interested our Country until a few weeks ago has imposed on us a prudent and careful evaluation regarding the course of our event», explains Leopoldo Destro, the President of Assindustria Sport. « The Padova Marathon presents several logistic and organizational complexities, having two different places of departure for the marathon race and for the half marathon, both different from the arrival area, and affecting the territory of six different municipal administrations. The necessary use of several means of transport and volunteers along the way, joined to other logistic specificities still delicate in this historical moment, have called for a careful reflection on the possibility that the event took place with the same characteristics as in recent year. For this reason, we decided to opt for the only race of 21 km, more manageable from an organization point of view and more attractive for a good number of runners. But, in order to ensure a wider offer to the runners, we also added a competitive distance of 10km, with departure and arrival in Padua. Our will is to bring back to Padua the marathon race in 2022, the year in which we hope that the health situation will be definitely resolved. We will be able to hold the event in its historical setting, in spring ».

In order to respect the health protocols provided for running races, both events will be limited in number. As about the registrations, those who have already signed up to the marathon for the edition 2020 can exercise one of these options free of charge: they can choose to participate in the half marathon race on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 and get a discount voucher of 5€ for every other race they want to do in Padua in 2022; or they can automatically ask for the postponement to the 42km edition 2022. Those who have already signed up to the half marathon for 2020 can confirm their participation in the event on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 or ask for the postponement to the edition 2022. In both cases, the right of the pre-emption can be exercised until Sunday, June 13th, then, from Tuesday, June 15th the registrations will be officially opened to new participants.

« See how the sport strives to return to life is impressive », adds the Councillor for Sport of the City of Padua Diego Bonavina. « The events we were used to, which slowly return to give appointment to fans, give not only a sign of hope, but also a concrete element of rebirth. When the event is as involving as the Padova Marathon, these signals are even more significative, also because the marathon represents an important logistic commitment for Assindustria Sport, for the Municipality of Padua and for all the administrations crossed. With the company of President Leopoldo Destro, we have been in constant contact in recent months and we are happy to announce the 2021 edition of the Padova Marathon. This is an edition certainly special, given the need to scrupulously observe the safety protocols in the complex organizational machine, but no less exciting for runners, fans and for all the people of Padua who have always welcomed with joy this event ».