There are a thousand reasons to run. And as many..and 10 more to choose to run in Padova.

So we are not going to tell youhow much the run is enjoyable and healthy –you already know this! We’d rather explain you why the Padova Marathon can give you something more that you cannot find somewhere else.

  • THE ARTISTIC BEAUTIES: Padova is also known as the city of the “3 whithout”:
  • THE NATURAL BEAUTIES: Especially at the beginning, the race course extends through the towns of Rubano, Selvazzano Dentro, Teolo, Abano and Montegrotto, close to the Euganean Hills and deep in the thermal area, and it offers suggestive views for nature lovers.
  • A FAST RACE: a fascinating route is such a big deal but Padova Marathon is not just about this. And the runners, who have already participated in it, can testify that it is also a technically fast race, the perfect combination to improve one’s own running time.Both in the full marathon and in the half marathon starting from Abano, as shown by the race records dating the past edition.
  • THE HALF MARATHON: mentioned above, the half race was invented for those who want to participate in the event, yet not ready to run 42 km. Throughout the years the half marathon has become more and more popular; on the same day of the full marathon, it’s an additional and alternative option for the runners.
  • THE FAMILY RACES: and for those coming with you? They can for example join our 1 – 5 – 10 k non-competitive races, that every year count at least 20.000 participants. A real celebration for the city, that colors and lights up the streets and that brings all in touch with the Padova historic center and along the well-equipped river banks all around the city.

the Saint without name, the Café without doors and the Prato (Garden) without grass– referred to Prato della Valle.

The Padova Marathon involves the 3 of them, i.e. the Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Caffé Pedrocchi and, last but not least, the amazing scenery of Prato della Valle – the second largest squares in Europe, after the Red Square in Moscow – which welcomes the runners at the finish line.