The race

The race

Padova Marathon is open to all FISPES/IPC affiliated athletes, in the categories recognized by the Federation.

Since its first edition, Padova Marathon has paid particular attention to the paralimpic race. The race course characteristics also revealed ideal for the achievement of important chronometric performances.

Through the years three world records have been achieved in Padova: in 2005 by the wheelchair athlete Francesca Porcellato (T53, 1h 38’ 29’’); by the visually impaired athlete Andrea Cionna ( T11, 2 h 36’ 02”) and by the wheelchair athlete Thomas Geierspichler (T52, 1 h 46’ 33’’). In 2006 Thomas Geierspichler was again the protagonist of Padova Marathon, by crossing the finish line first , in 1 h 43’ and 45’’.

Very important were also the results for the hand-bike race and the record signed in 2010 by the french Joan Jeannot, who crossed the finish line in 1 h 3’ 41’’, leaving behind the champions Paolo Cecchetto, Alex Zanardi and Vittorio Podestà. Two Italian records were also achieved by the wheelchair athlete Walter Endrizzi (2h 33’ 56’’) and once again in 2008 by the wheelchair athlete Francesca Porcellato (1 h 36’ 54’’).

Wheelchair athletes are required to wear the helmet during the race; they are also recommended to be assisted by a guide on bike.

Visually impaired athletes are required to be assisted by a sighted guide.

Race course description

The 2020 edition of the Padova Marathon Paralympic race will start from the ‘Euganeo Stadium’ in Padua. It follows the picturesque route crossing the towns of Rubano, Selvazzano Dentro and Teolo immersed in the breath-taking Euganean Hills and the renowned thermal area in Abano Terme, just outside of Padova.

Abano Terme is the starting line of the half-marathon, which then follows the same route as the marathon.

All runners approaching the finish line in Prato della Valle will be amazed by the stunning beauty of the inner city. The entrance to the historical city is designed so that the runners will get to see the most beautiful parts of the city: passing by Piazza dei Signori, Piazza della Frutta, Caffè Pedrocchi, Palazzo del Bo and the Basilica of S. Antonio. The finish line is set in the extraordinary scenery of Prato della Valle, Europe’ second biggest squares and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ones.

The race course in detail:

The Paralympic race will start from the Euganeo Stadium in Padua - east stand side. Following Viale Nereo Rocco, it continues on Viale Gino Cappello, Viale del Calcio and Via Due Palazzi. Through Via Due Palazzi, the race course approached the neighbours of 4 Montà, Ponterotto before entering the SP55 towards Rubano. After the roundabout of Villaguattera, it continues on Via Mazzini and gets to the intersection with SR11 for about 850 mt. Through Via Ceresina, it touches Selvazzano Dentro and runs along Via Pelosa (an ancient Roman main-road) until it gets to SP82. Past the bridge on the Bacchiglione river, it goes through the city centre of Selvazzano Dentro and through Via Scapacchiò it runs next to the Golf Club “La Montecchia”.

At the 20 km mark, it enters the municipality of Teolo and continues on Via dei Colli prior to getting to the intersection with Via Abbazia di Praglia, from where it continues on the SP60 towards Monteortone. This is where the Marathon and the Half-Marathon converge. The race course continues towards the centre of Abano Terme through Via Cornelio Augure, Via Abano, Viale Terme, Piazza della Repubblica, Viale delle Terme, Via Matteotti, Via S. Pio X, Viale Roveri, Via S. Maria d’Abano, Via Latisana and Via Romana Aponense. It then enters the municipality of Padua and continues on Via Romana Aponense, la Mandria, Via Armistizio, Ponte Isonzo, Via Isonzo, Via Goito, Piazzale Sacra Famiglia, Via Cernaia, Piazzale San Giovanni, Via Euganea, Ponte San Giovanni delle Navi, Via Vescovado, Via Vandelli, Piazza Duomo, Granguardia, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza della Frutta, Via Oberdan, Via VIII Febbraio, Via San Francesco, Via del Santo, Piazza del Santo, Via Luca Belludi and arrives at the finish line in Prato della Valle, the second largest square in Europe.

Download here the registration form for the Paralympic Competition.