Assindustria Sport Padova Ltd., the amateur sports club has received approval from the National Italian Track and Field Federation (FIDAL) is proud to organize the 18th edition of the Padova Marathon, a TOP International Marathon with race course certified by AIMS/IAAF. The race will take place on Sunday April 23, 2017.


The race is open to all participants who have reached 20 years of age by April 23rd, 2017 and who hold a membership card from FIDAL (Italian Track and Field Federation) or from a foreign Federation affiliated with IAAF and holding authorization to compete abroad. Athletes affiliated to IAAF must provide copy of the self-certification that can be downloaded from the official marathon website

The race is also open to all participants who have reached 20 years of age by April 23rd, 2017 and who do not hold a membership card from FIDAL or from IAAF. The participation of the above mentioned athletes undergoes the obligation of purchasing a card (RUNCARD) during the registration process. The RUNCARD, which allows athletes to participate at running events in Italy for one year can be purchased on the following website: which allows them to take part to competitive races in Italy for a year or directly and at convenient rate form marathon organizers. These athletes are required to provide a health certificate (or the equivalent Health Form downloadable from attesting to the fact that their physical conditions are such as to allow performance at competitive levels in athletics issued and signed by a sports medicine specialist or by a centre for sports medicine as required by the Italian law. This certificate must be still valid on April 23rd, 2017.

All participants must waive Padova Marathon of any responsibility regarding the suitability of their physical condition to compete in the race and they must declare that they have trained thoroughly and adequately for the marathon.


Entry fees are as follow:

  • € 40 until January 31, 2017
  • € 50 from February 1 until March 24, 2017
  • € 60 from March 25 until April 14, 2017
  • € 80 at the Expo on the week-end of the marathon. This is subject to bib numbers availability
  • 2016 Fee transfer € 15,00 until March 24, 2017
  • WOMAN: fixed fee € 40,00 until April 14th 2017.
  • CLUB SPECIAL: every 5 people registered for the Marathon by the same sports club one of them is FREE until April 14th 2017. The 5 registrations must be sent AT THE SAME TIME and must be complete with all the details.
Registrations can be processed as follows:
  • By regular mail : send the registration form completely filled in and signed to Assindustria Sport Padova Via E. P. Masini 2 - 35131 Padova - Italy. If you wish to register by mail you can pay by bank draft, IBAN IT 77 S 01030 12103 000001866601 - BIC: PASC IT MM XXX - Account holder: Assindustria Sport Padova. Please put the names of at athletes on the payment DESCRIPTION. Copy of payment must be sent with the entry form.
  • By fax: send the registration form completely filled in and signed to the following fax n. 0039.049.7423045 with copy of the payment which can be made by bank draft IBAN IT 77 S 01030 12103 000001866601 - BIC: PASC IT MM XXX - Account holder: Assindustria Sport Padova. Please put the names of at athletes on the payment DESCRIPTION. Copy of payment must be sent with the entry form.
  • By e-mail: send the registration form and the payment (always via bank draft as described above) at the address
  • By internet: fill in the on-line registration form available on the marathon web site and pay by credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard and Paypal are accepted.
  • Personally, paying cash at Assindustria Sport Office in Via E.P. Masini n.2 - 35131 Padova or at Expo of other marathons where we are present

During the registration process, all non-card holders will be obliged to provide a copy of a medical certificate (attesting to the fact that the athlete’s physical conditions are such as to allow performance at competitive levels) or the equivalent health form issued and signed by a sports medicine specialist or by a centre for sports medicine. This certificate must be valid on April 17, 2016. Athletes who register on-line must provide copy of the health certificate or the equivalent health form available on the marathon website via fax (+39.049.7423045 ) or via e-mail ( before the race.

All non card holders are also required to provide copy of the RUNCARD that can be purchased during the registration process at the cost of € 10,00 for non Italian residents.


Entry fees are not refundable, in case you decide not to take part to the race. Anyway, you can transfer your registration fee to Padova Marathon 2018. All you need to do, is to inform the organizers by March 24th 2017, either by fax (+39.049.7423045) or by e-mail ( You can also transfer your registration to another runner by previously informing the organizers always by March 24 th2017. In case of “name change” you will be asked to pay extra € 15.

WARNING! INFORMATION TO ALL ENTRANTS! Marathon and half marathon are two different races, with different bib numbers and chips. The possibility to change race depends on the availability of bib numbers and undergoes the payment of € 15,00. If you change on marathon morning you will not be in any of the result lists!


Entry fee includes:

  • bib
  • insurance and medical assistance during the race
  • refreshment and sponging along the racecourse
  • goody bag
  • voucher for the Pasta Party
  • official programme and technical information
  • transport of personal clothing from the start area to the finish area
  • pre-race and post-race transportation by shuttle buses
  • rental of Championchip chip
  • final rankings via e-mail
  • marathon diploma
  • official medal


Bib numbers will be distributed automatically on the basis of the best personal time made in the last 2 years, declared by the participants and confirmed by FIDAL statistics, and on the basis of the registration date.

For this reason, the organization cannot satisfy requests for a specific number nor can it change numbers that have already been assigned, even in cases where the athlete has inadvertently failed to specify his/her personal best.


The bib number is strictly personal and cannot be given to others or exchanged. It must be pinned to the chest with four safety pins so that it is completely visible; it should not be folded and it must be preserved in good condition. All the athletes will be able to pick up the bib number and the chip at the Expo in Prato della Valle, Padua, on Friday April 21st 2017 from 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday April 22nd 2017 from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Bib numbers will also be distributed on Sunday morning in the star area of Euganeo Stadium from 7.15 a.m. until 8.15 a.m.


Athletes will find a voucher for the goody bag pick up with their bib numbers package. Goody bags can be picked up at the Expo, in Prato della Valle - Padua, on Friday April 21st from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., on Saturday April 22nd from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Sunday April 23rd 2017 from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. by showing the personal voucher.

Goody bags won’t be handed out to athletes who will not give the proper voucher.


Together with the bib number, all the athletes registered for the Padova Marathon will receive a parking pass which will allow them to leave their cars in the following parking areas:

  • in Padua: At the Euganeo Stadium. Coming to Padua via the A4 highway, take the “Padova Ovest” exit. Coming via the A13 highway, take the “Padova Sud” exit and follow the signs to the “Stadio Euganeo” which are found throughout the city.
  • For disabled athletes: reserved parking at the Euganeo Stadium.

It will be possible park in the reserved spaces by arriving no later than 7:45 a.m.

Please make sure that the parking pass is clearly visible and placed on the dashboard inside your car.

The organizers refuse all responsibility for the objects left unattended inside the cars.


Before the marathon there will be a free shuttle service to reach the start line at the Euganeo Stadium.

The shuttles will leave from:

  • Padua, Prato della Valle (Foro Boario side)
  • Padua, railway station

For the relatives who will accompany athletes at the Euganeo Stadium there will be a free shuttle service to Prato della

Valle from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


At the start line, athletes can give the bag containing their personal belongings to the appropriate courier by 8:15 a.m..

The identification sticker with the bib number must be attached to the bag. The sticker will be distributed with the bib.

The athletes will be able to pick up their bags from the courier trucks after the race in Prato Della Valle.

Athletes are strongly recommended not to put in the bag holding their personal belongings objects of value and to only insert extremely necessary garments. Personal bags will be handed out only if athletes will exhibit their bib number.


The start of the Padova Marathon is set for 9:00 a.m.. Slight variations in the starting time may be caused by the live television broadcast of the event.

The starting time for disabled athletes is set as follow: wheelchairs: 8:50 a.m.

It is mandatory for all athletes in wheelchairs to wear a helmet during the race.

To guarantee a smooth start, all runners are requested to arrive at the start line at the Euganeo Stadium no later than 8:00 a.m..


The race starts at the Euganeo Stadium in Padua, est stand side. After entering Viale Nereo Rocco, it continues on Viale Gino Cappello, Viale del Calcio and Via Due Palazzi. Through Via Due Palazzi, the race course reaches the quarter of Montà, Ponterotto and then enters the SP55 towards Rubano. After the roundabout of Villaguattera, it continues on Via Mazzini and gets to the intersection with SR11, which is covered for about 850 mt. Through Via Ceresina, it enters Selvazzano Dentro and runs along Via Pelosa (Roman age road) until it gets to SP82. Past the bridge on the Bacchiglione river, it goes through the city centre of Selvazzano Dentro and through Via Scapacchiò it runs next to the Golf Club “La Montecchia”. Near the 20th km, it enters the municipality of Teolo and continues on Via dei Colli until it gets to the intersection with Via Abbazia di Praglia, from where it continues on the SP60 towards Monteortone. Here the Marathon and the Half Marathon will meet. The race course continues towards the centre of Abano Terme through Via Cornelio Augure, Via Abano, Viale Terme, Piazza della Repubblica, Viale delle Terme, Via Matteotti, Via S. Pio X, Viale Roveri, Via S. Maria d’Abano, Via Latisana and Via Romana Aponense. It then enters the municipality of Padua and continues on Via Romana Aponense, la Mandria, Via Armistizio, Ponte Isonzo, Via Isonzo, Via Goito, Piazzale Sacra Famiglia, Via Cernaia, Piazzale San Giovanni, Via Euganea, Ponte San Giovanni delle Navi, Via Vescovado, Via Vandelli, Piazza Duomo,Granguardia, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza della Frutta, Via Oberdan, Via VIII Febbraio, Via San Francesco, Via del Santo, Piazza del Santo, Via Luca Belludi and arrives at the finish line in Prato della Valle, the largest square in Europe.


The race course will be completely closed to traffic. All side streets and all crossroads will be supervised by the local police who will prevent all other types of vehicles (bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles included) from travelling along the racecourse. Vehicles that are authorised to travel along the course will be issued a special pass by the Organization.


The timing and the ranking of the race will be processed with the MyLaps system, based on a chip weighing 3.5 grams that must be fastened around your ankle. The chip will be given with the bib and must be returned after the race. The penalty for not giving back the chip after the race is € 30,00.

For each athlete, the following times will be taken: official time (from gunshot to finish line), net time (from the transit at the start line to the finish line) intermediate times at 10 km, at the half-way mark of the marathon (21.097 km) and at 30 km.

Athletes who forget to wear the chip given by the Organization during the race will not be timed and will not be included in the rankings.


The racecourse will be closed to traffic for a maximum of 6 hours. To those athletes who will pass the half marathon after 3h organizers will not guarantee the traffic stop.


In accordance with the IAAF/FIDAL rulebook, there will be refreshment stations at the start and finish lines and every 5 km along the course: water, tea, energy drinks and food (cookies, fruit, etc.) will be provided at all refreshment stations.

Sponging stations will also be available along the racecourse (17.5 km – 27.5 km – 37.5 km).


Athletes who decide to quit the race should use the refreshment stations and sponging stations as meeting points. From there they will be taken to the finish line area in Prato della Valle, where they will be able to collect their personal bag.


Along the marathon race course there are two hospitals in Abano Terme and Padua. Medical assistance will be guaranteed along the entire length of the race course with medical assistance means, including two medical motorcycles. But we realise that every marathon runner knows his/her own limits and how to gauge his/her own strength in order to reach the finish line. This is our wish to all participants!

Next to the Sanitary Service tent after the finish line, there will be a tent for information on marathon runners who have been aided along the race course. After the race, there will be changing rooms and showers available for the athletes in Via Carducci inside the “Appiani” Stadium - next to the finish line area in Prato della Valle - from 12:00 p.m..


Padova Marathon will provide pacers, that is athletes who will run at a constant pace to reach the finish line at a preestablished time. Participants who keep up with them will be able to reach the finish line in the following times: 3h 00’- 3h 15’ - 3h 30’ - 3h 45’ - 4h 00’- 4h15’ - 4h 30’ - 5h 00’.

At the start at the Euganeo Stadium, the pacers will be inside the various start corrals. They can be recognized by the word “pacer” or by the times written on their vest. Balloons of various colours will also indicate their position.


The finish line is located in Prato della Valle, Padua.


Immediately after the race the first 3 men and women of the Top and Disable division will attend the award ceremony.

Money prizes for Italian and foreign athletes will be paid by November 30th 2017. In order to do so, the Organization will send to the winners a form to be sent back no later than May 30th2017 with copy of their ID card and international bank details (Complete of IBAN CODE and BIC or SWIFT CODE) to:

Assindustria Sport Padova, Via E. P. Masini
2 - 35131 Padua (Italy) - Tel. 0039.049.8227114 - Fax 0039.049.8227164.

The forms completely filled in will have to be sent IN ORIGINAL (not copy nor fax) via regular mail.


The chip will be taken off your ankle after reaching the finish line. Those athletes who do not finish the race or who don’t return the chip after the race must send it back by one week after the race to the following address:

Assindustria Sport Padova, Via E.P. Masini 2 - 35031 Padua - Italy.

Athletes who do not return the chip will be charged a €30 penalty.

As regards the use of the chip, we strongly suggest the athletes to follow the instructions included in the chip box.


After the race, the athletes will have at their disposal the following bus services:

  • from Prato della Valle to the Euganeo Stadium
  • from Prato della Valle to Abano Terme
  • from Prato della Valle to Padua train station


The Pasta Party will take place at the Expo area in Prato della Valle, on

  • Saturday April 22nd2017
  • Sunday April 23rd 2017.

The voucher for the Pasta Party will be distributed together with the bibs.


Each participant will be able to download the marathon diploma of Padova Marathon 2017 from the website:


The Organization reserves the right to eliminate any athlete from the race at any time for inappropriate behaviour.


For further information about Padova Marathon 2017 (how to register, where to stay, how to reach Padua, etc.) please contact the organizing staff at the following address:

Assindustria Sport Padova - Via E. P. Masini 2 - 35131 Padua - Italy
Tel. +39.049.8227114
Fax +39.049.8227164
Web site:

The offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m..


By signing the registration form, the athlete declares that he/she understands and accepts the rules contained in Padova Marathon’s official rulebook as it is posted on the website and that he/she will be 20 years of age by April 23th 2017. The athlete also therewith expressly declares that he/she releases the race Organization of any liability for damages/injuries incurred by the athlete or caused by the athlete to third parties and/or property.


The personal data compulsory to complete the registration to Padova Marathon will be handled by the staff of Padova Marathon Organization in the manner provided for by the Italian privacy law with paper tools, necessary for the realization of the sport event above mentioned and for the mailing of advertising material. These data can be given to a third party for the fulfilment of the obligations related to the event or to the purposes above mentioned. At any time, you can exercise the rights granted by art. 7 of d.lgs 196/03 (cancellation, rectification, etc.) by writing the Organisers, responsible for the handling of the data, at the following address:

Assindustria Sport Padova, Via E. P. Masini 2 - 35131 Padua - ITALY.

As far as the consensus for the handling of your personal data is concerned, the sign on the registration form will bear witness to it.


By registering for Padova Marathon, the athlete expressly authorizes the Padova Marathon Organization and its media partners to use all motion and still pictures taken during the athlete’s participation in the event. These pictures may be used throughout the world, in all forms and for all purposes, including their use in advertising and promotional materials, and for the length of time permitted by law, by regulations and by agreements in effect, including any extension of the aforementioned duration.


  • We recommend the use of comfortable running shoes that have been broken in and tested on long distances. The use of new shoes should be avoided until they have taken the shape of the arch of your foot.
  • Protect the parts of your body that may become irritated due to the repeated friction caused by running (armpits, groin, inner thighs, breasts).
  • Use large amounts of moisturising cream (preferably petroleum jelly, i.e. Vaseline) to moisturise these parts of the body.
  • For participants who will be staying at a hotel, we recommend that you remind the hotel staff of any special needs that you may have on the day of the race: an early breakfast, the possibility of leaving your baggage in their care until the end of the race, the possibility of taking a shower afterwards, etc..


The Padova Marathon Organization reserves the right to modify this rulebook as needed, in order to guarantee a better organization of the race.

All changes to services, venues and timetables will be communicated to registered athletes or will be posted on the website: